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The Memorabilia Registry (MemReg)

MemReg.com is a website for the Registry where autographed Memorabilia and other unique collectibles can be registered and documented; creating a permanent, time-stamped, digital history that will add significant value to such items.

A properly documented truly memorable item, one that is the product of a personal encounter between a fan and a celebrity, can be very valuable. By applying a registration time-stamp to the item's initial registration (and recording any subsequent events such as sales or trades), the existence and circumstances pertaining to the origin of such item will establish authenticity and that the autograph occurred at a specific point in the celebrity's career. The date of an autograph relative to a celebrity's career has a remarkable impact on the value of that item to collectors.

Our vision is to provide the Registry to the millions of fans and owners of in-person, through-the-mail and/or purchased collectible items as a facility for them to create a permanent record of ownership and documentation (i.e., an audit trail or "provenance") that should, over time, significantly increase the value of the items owned.

MemReg's mission is to provide complex search capability for all these registered items and their supporting documentation, such as pictures taken at signing, authentication certificates and other related information. Anyone can register the items for free, thereby creating a very large market place for the dealers and a centralized sharing site for the collectors. In addition, free celebrity addresses and a biographical information service along with many other tools are provided to help the collectors.

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