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Q: Do you sell the Items in the Registry?
A: The Item owner can choose to sell any or all items in their inventory by selecting the "For Sale" status. You may purchase the items at the listed price, or make an offer to the seller.

Q: What solutions does MemReg provide?
A: Reduce Fraud - The Registry creates a Publicly Accessible Audit Trail ("Provenance") for memorabilia and collectibles. By providing this service, we believe the Registry will significantly reduce fraud in the memorabilia and collectibles market.
Public Display Venue - The Registry also provides a safe place where collectors and dealers can display the items they possess to other interested parties. There is no charge for registering memorabilia items and no charge for searching and viewing these items.
Consignment Service - The Registry will preserve and transfer the documentation, with all original timestamps, to the new owner.
Ownership Transfer - MemReg charges a flat fee of $5 per item for providing the ownership title transfer of the sold item.

Q: Is the Registry only for autographed collectibles?
A: No. Any item of value to a collector can be documented and displayed in the Registry.

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